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Dr Fries makes me feel great, physically and emotionally. I’ve never felt so valued and appreciated as a patient, and my neck and back are feeling better after only 2 visits! Her office staff is beyond nice. I just can’t say anything but good things about them!

Cathi Jorgensen

Dr. Fries is a great chiropractor. She is kind and gentle although she can be tough when needed. Her office is very nice and clean and her staff is always very nice. I’ve been to three other chiropractors in my life and she is much more thorough with her consultations and exams. I learned at least two new things about my spine that I didn’t know before. Plus all your therapies are included. At some chiropractic offices including one that I used to go to, you are charged a base price plus an additional $5-$10 for each therapy. This increases your overall price for anyone without chiropractic coverage on your health insurance and in my opinion is not a good idea as you never know exactly how much you are going to pay. You don’t have to worry about that with Genesis Chiropractic. I highly recommend at least giving her a try.

Annalaura Brown

I fell down some stairs and was in a lot of pain. When I went in to Genesis Chiropractic I was impressed with the staff and the Dr. I am uncomfortable going to Dr’s, dentists, etc, but Dr. Fries and her staff made me feel so welcome that I didn’t feel the usual anxiety. My pain greatly improved after I began to see her. I highly recommend her. I am always so impressed with her staff. They are always polite and professional.


I find Dr. Fries and her staff caring and attentive to all my health needs. They are friendly, call me to remind me of appointments, and I have watched Dr. Fries truly desire to see her patients do well. Finding a good chiropractor is difficult. Finding one who listens and truly cares is golden.

David O.

Dr. Tiffany Fries is simply the best. Over a 33 year period and 6 fairly major injuries knees, back, neck, shoulders –27 various chiropractors. Found Genesis Chiropractic and able to maintain a fairly active life for past 4 years. I get electronic stimulus, neck & back check. (Only adjusts when in serious pain) cold laser for shoulders. Heat and ice pack when needed. If you have pain and don’t go you’re missing the boat. Evaluation was free and x-ray were minimal.

Timothy White

I had my first visit and Genesis Chiropractic this week. I bought a promo certificate at the Venture Out series. I was greeted by name when I first walked in – my first visit! I was impressed by how nice the office staff was and how thorough the Doctor was with her evaluation. She spent a lot of time answering my questions about my low back pain I’ve had for years. I don’t have insurance and they explained their fee’s for future visits. Very simple and very affordable. I walked out feeling so much better than I walked in. I am looking forward to future visits at Genesis Chiropractic.

John Miller

I call Dr. Fries my “little miracle worker.” Another chiropractor had left me in a lot of pain the day before she left town for a week so I searched for someone else nearby and found Dr. Fries. When I called for an appointment I was in so much pain I was in tears. They worked me in right away and I left her office with my pain greatly reduced…and no more tears. It has taken a few weeks but I can now say I am pain free. I recommend Dr. Fries to everyone.

Judyth Lance

DR Fries is one of the best Chiropractors out there, I have been under her care for 5 years, my parents were Chiropractors and I am very picky, I recommend her to friends every chance I get. I do not believe you will find better care in the valley.

Justin A.

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